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On The Stump March 15, 2017

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LIFE May 5, 1958

In the reflection of the glass, State Commissioner of Agriculture A.W. Todd delivers a speech in Maplesville, Alabama. These three men don’t seem too excited about Todd’s prospect as governor. As it turned out, he never did make it to governor, but he holds the distinction of being both the youngest and the oldest commissioner to ever serve in the history of Alabama as well as being the only three-term commissioner. He was 79 when he left office in 1995, leaving Arvel Woodfin Todd with a long political career. 



6 Responses to “On The Stump”

  1. Get the feeling those old boys wheeled a cart filled with some unsuccessful produce to the speech, maybe to bring home a point about agriculture.

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  2. Benson Says:

    Beautiful shot.

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  3. ” May The Lord Bless You Real Good ? ” for a campaign song? Only in Alabama. 😀

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