A Joyful Thanksgiving






And I”ll leave you with this disconcerting Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade float:


12 thoughts on “A Joyful Thanksgiving

  1. Yikes the Pinocchio balloon isn’t just disconcerting it is positively grotesque. “Revolver Blood and Honey Ale”? Gotta look that one up. Sounds like a perfectly good libation for Texan. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

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  2. The way the nose is the float and his puppet body is just a small part of him was definitely disconcerting, Kerbey!
    I appreciate your humor and your liking my posts. I tend to go on visiting spurts! I will luckily just view and like,which I have had such a crazy, Not relaxing Thanksgiving, you are just perfect for me tonight! 🙂
    Hope you had a good one, as well as the most fun, upcoming season ever!!

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