Tremble & Snarl: Why I Hate Chihuahuas




  1. Your title and picture says it all. I think everyone has a tale of how they were nipped by one of those domesticated rats. I think the one thing worse than the dogs are the owners. Little Chica could have her fangs deep in your ankle and “Mommy” would be telling YOU to stop because you are scaring Baby. SMH

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  2. Ya all got it right–
    This is what was explained to me. If you have many little snappers that get picked up and stuck inside a coat for protection every time they nip someone, and eventually they breed, you get many more little snappers. Never changes! But, you might notice the great number of larger dogs, good nature, I even saw a cute video yesterday where the big dog nudged the blanket over a sleeping newborn child. Now this next moment is gross.. A bad nature big dog snarls once in a menacing way – ya take him out in the country and feed the vultures , yeah, yeah one time it’s a good time to be a gun owner.

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