At The Corner Of Healthy And Happy 1951


Before there were Walgreen’s on every corner (and I mean EVERY; there are FOUR Walgreen’s within a 10 minute drive of my home), there were Walgreen Agency Stores. Over the past decade, I have watched them pop up every couple of miles, wishing I had invested money in their stock way back when. Myself, I hit a Walgreen’s a couple times a week, whether for Loreal haircolor, dollar cans of Arizona green tea, a six-pack of Blue Moon, or a BOGO set of Russell Stover dark chocolates. Plus, that’s where our doctors send all the prescriptions that we never use because they’re worthless dung. But drugs aside, it’s way faster than the grocery store, and I don’t have to push a cart. Is there a Walgreen’s in your neck of the woods?



  1. Around here CVS is the big dog. For every Walgreen you’ll find two CVS stores. I think the last mom and pop drug store I can think of closed 2 years ago. A hip pizza joint is in its place. How hip is it? Why it’s so hip it’s only open for dinner.

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  2. Canada does not have Walgreens but our equivalent is Shoppers Drug Marts. they have not opened upon on every corner though (honestly I wish they would lol). We do have a Tim Hortons and Starbucks on those corners where Shoppers might of wanted to be 🙂

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    • Shoppes Drug Marts, hmm? In ours, there are always people in line in the back (where the pharmacy is), waiting to get the endless amount of drugs that we see on TV all the time. Many of the prescriptions are over $400. Last month, the doctor called in one for my husband and said it might be a bit “pricey.” When we got there, it was $550. Just a bottle of 10 pills. And the clerk said it with a straight face! I imagine you don’t have to deal with costs like that in Canada. We didn’t buy it. Who the heck could? Many of the pills we just shrug and say, “Forget it. If we die, we die.”


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