The Labor Of Laying Each Brick By Hand

from "Hometown USA"
from “Hometown USA”

In this turn-of-the-century shot, these men were finishing paving Main Street in Watertown, Wisconsin. The pic was taken by Henry Bergman in 1900. A wider shot includes the foreman to the left. I think I’d prefer his job. Easier on the joints.


And these days? Well, they do it like this.


  1. That is a heck of a difference. The side walks in Santa Barbra Ca. appear to be made of large paving stones, when in reality they are colored concrete with patterns pressed into it with large stencils. I think the Road o Matic 6000 is a lot cooler. How the heck does it work. Must investigate.

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  2. So much coolness! I do think there’s a certain appeal of bricklaying – that you can do some work, and it’s straightforward and easy to view your progress – but I find that “Machinale Bestratingen” amazing, and definitely easier on the joints!

    But I really am going to miss vest-wearing foremen with cool hats. Hopefully that style comes back soon! (Arto at least wears cool hats, so that’s something)

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