We’ve Got Spirit, Yes, We Do


Y’all know I love old pep rally pics. The joy on the students’ faces, the smiles, the excitement. Not as jaded as these days.


The whole first row is clapping. No one is too cool for school. I just like to zoom in on these people and wonder what they were thinking. Were they whooping, hollering, or doing an Indian war cry? I love the shirt print, the jackets, the glasses, the cowboy hat, the hair.


Your guess is good as mine on this last one. Methinks it might be a Senior Skit, with some gender reversal all in good fun.





  1. Now everyone seems to have a stick shoved up their “social conscious”. People are so easily offended. I never would have thought that the Evolution of Modern Society would create such thin skins.

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Observation and Interpretation:

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