Kangaroo Chillin’ In The Shade

2011-06 Zoo Kodak 079

Oh, it’s too hot, too hot, lady. Gotta run for shelter, gotta run for shade…

Yes, I realize lots of bloggers post zoo pics, but every zoo is different, and every animal’s face (or posture, as it were) reveals a different moment. These pics were all taken during the summer, so it was about first level of Hades hot at the San Antonio Zoo. And just so you know, we’re STILL IN THE 90s here in central Texas all week, and not a drop of rain in sight.

This monkey appears positively dazed. So was I, honey. So was I.

2011-06 Zoo Kodak 013

This jungle king was about to clean pass out. Who could blame him? A rock never looked so comfortable.

2011-06 Zoo Kodak 080

The alligator looks bulletproof, doesn’t he? Go ahead and take a shot at him. I need new boots.

2011-06 Zoo Kodak 048

Just kidding. I can’t afford new boots. Stay tuned for Zoo, Part II.



Observation and Interpretation:

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