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Back On The Raising Gang


April 16, 1951. Life magazine showcases 26-year-old Bill Hipkiss, a bridgeman on a “raising gang,” fitting steel into place. A steelworker for 9 years, this was his first bridge, for which he was paid $2.80/hr with double overtime. Add this to the list of jobs I would never consider doing.


 That’s a bunch of words that make my head hurt. 
LifeApril1951-008This is unsafe? Building a bridge is unsafe. I hope they had workers’ compensation.

plateWhat about you? Does this kind of risky work appeal to your nature? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Would you make sure to apply sunscreen to your face before going out each morning?



10 thoughts on “Back On The Raising Gang”

  1. It looks like the gentleman in question in picture one is smoking a hand-rolled cigarette. If yes, I doubt sunscreen entered his mind on his way to the top of that lofty steel giant.

    We recently had a large suspension bridge built connecting us to the mainland–a short cut from driving around the peninsula. It was a sight to behold and took almost two years. Not a job I would relish, but cool to watch.

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  2. Benson says he’s worked high in the past. Now he’s got me wondering just what he means by that.

    Hell, no, Kerbey, no way! Give me a reporter’s pad and a shifty interviewee and that was enough adrenaline for me.

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