Rain On The Grapevine

Rain 018After years of drought, devastating fires,  and sad, dried-up rivers, causing waterfront restaurants and party barges to fold–and with it, an entire lake culture–Texas is finally getting some precip from that ornery sky. Flash flooding? I’ll take it.

Rain 014Go ahead and rain on that new trampoline.

Rain 004Pour down on the rosemary.

Rain 026

Pitter-patter on the deck.


Send the blackhawks to retrieve the men, clinging to the tops of their trucks. I’ll take it. Let the weathermen repeat, “Turn around, don’t drown” until the cows come home. At least the cows will have some grass this year. And maybe, just maybe, the cattle won’t starve, and the price of beef won’t double like it did last year. Hallelujah, it’s raining.


6 thoughts on “Rain On The Grapevine”

  1. I love this upbeat acceptance of rain, which was sorely needed, Kerbey! I love the photos with the green grape vines and the rosemary one, where there is a kind of misty look to the photograph. Lovely and keep it coming, thank goodness for rain in Texas!

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    1. Ha ha. My chiropractor told me years ago that once you become an adult, the weight of your body coming down from the jump, slamming all your vertebrae together, is a recipe for disaster. Plus, it would make me pee. 🙂 I have enough problems.


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