Mushroom Cloud Vampire & French Stewart


This bespectacled fellow is giving me a French Stewart (from Third Rock From The Sun) vibe.

The year 1951 was a special time for hair. Behold.

Comet51-059What in the name of Lyle Lovett? Oh, let’s not be hasty in our judgment; perhaps it was covering a right-sided tumor.

This next series takes us from disdain to giddy jubilation in just four steps.


Not everyone can have fantastic hair like Snazzle Dazzle here.


Right, Leslie?


 Pretty sure he turned out to be a psychopath.



  1. fun series! Clever girl you are to pull this all together so very wittily 🙂 Want to see what these fellers look like today. Bald, I’d imagine. And also no longer with us?

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  2. I loved French Stewart and can see the resemblance. I love the hair of men with curls and waves in it. I don’t think I have seen too much of this, although Elvis had such flair! There was a famous person with a ‘pompadour’ but cannot remember who it was? Maybe Prince?

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