12 thoughts on “That’s Not How This Works

  1. Well it certainly looks like someone is rehearsing some sort of dance routine. Can’t imagine what. Certainly can’t imagine why it’s on a pool table. Either that or someone is really mad at those little balls.

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    1. Oh, honey, it’s enough to get my rump on the table to do a behind-the-back shot, but I try to keep one foot on the floor. If I got up like they are, I’d: 1) never come down, or 2) the table would collapse like sand castles. And who wants splinters in their beer?


  2. The artistic lines of the bridges on models one and two are inspiring, Kerbey, and three is ready to go low and go for broke. All aiming for the same cue ball is some sort of statement. Feminist or hipster? I’m not certain which this is. Interesting, either way.

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