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Plans To Score Tonight

1955 Univ of Colorado
1955 Univ of Colorado

16 thoughts on “Plans To Score Tonight”

  1. That looks like the world’s most boring bowling alley. You’d have to add some liquor, music, bright lights and a snack bar before I’d give up my Valentine’s Day spent in front of the TV watching Different Strokes re-runs.

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  2. That’s not a bowling alley, that’s a CYO basement! Look at the storage in the next room. They put some lanes up for the kids’ amusement, Kerbey.

    Now, no, this is not how I would look after releasing the bowling ball. This poor lad has no chance at scoring. On the lanes. His left arm is too low, forcing his weight too forward and his body too perpendicular. … Nah, he’s fine. Look at that focus in his eyes, too, not to mention the sweet glance from the lass on the adjoining lane.

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