Secrets Of A Parson, Part III


And the last secret is: Just do it.

Even after “a long and busy Monday,” just do it. Because Emory Harner won’t turn 94 again. In fact, Harner passed away the year after this article was published, in 1942. And everyone needs to feel special.

11 thoughts on “Secrets Of A Parson, Part III

  1. You’ve really found a niche here with your Parson Series. Old-school all the way. Trying to find parallels with today’s “parsons.” I’d imagine they are still planning sermons and visiting the elders. God bless Emory. That man knew how to rock a ‘stache. Must make sure Dave and Arto see this one.

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  2. Emory Harner’s stache IS the rock of ages. You got that one right, Liz. And the good Parson was a man of great actions. Wow. No snark for me on this one. Thank you Kerbey. This is the first act of Parsonage I’ve seen with my very two eyes.

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    1. You are right. I did not appreciate him fully until just this moment. Now I am picturing holding it like handlebars. Is he wearing a visor to block the righteous glow of Dr. Brigg? All I know is my husband CONSTANTLY gets food in his mustache. Emory would have to really play close attention to his intake. Or just eat white food like cottage cheese and mashed potatoes. Which is probably right up a 94-yr-old’s alley. Like that blanket behind him. You get old, you get cold. Oh, I should put that on a shirt! I made a rhyme, Dave!

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