I Know Who’s Winning Movember On This Swim Team




      • bahahaha–they’re just so…bare on top! Not that they don’t have fine physiques. I just don’t know any of them well enough to have that view. And I wonder if that mustache (and that one guy with all the chest hair) slows him down? When I was in high school, the swim team members would do full-body shaves to make them sleek in the water.


      • Like little baby seals? Yes, we had a bald dude in high school who shaved his head for the same reason.l think?? He didn’t have leukemia for sure. I was nice and cropped out the full monty that the pic showed. Bare legs are too much for the morning.

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    • We literally bought that last weekend! My husband who was not a Chupacabra when we married is slowly morphing into a Wookie and I cannot tolerate his back weaving rugs on a daily basis.


  1. Yeah. The team nickname must have the Hirsute. Or is that one guy actually wearing a Hair Suit? Criminy. You are right, Liz, the concept of “shaving tenths of seconds” off your lap times had not yet been discovered. Unfortunately. I just ate a lunch-sized bag of Nacho-flavored Doritos and this photo is making me feel queasy, Kerbey. Good thing you cropped the bottom part off.


    • I totally spared you what was in those glistening black Speedos. You’re welcome. Plus, I thought hirsute was for “hers,” hairy women, and these boys have high T, instead of low T. First you used parochial and now hirsute. You’re an Adjective King today.


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