Black Hawk Down, Part I

Or should I say “brown ostrich down”?

Elgin - Flowers 039

First, he was upright, pecking away at the dirt.

Elgin - Flowers 035And then he dropped to his feathery torso, like an adolescent at a 1964 Beatles concert. I thought he’d go unconscious, but nope–he kept pecking while prostrate. Oh, that’s a better title for this post: Pecking While Prostrate. 

Elgin - Flowers 036

I’ve eaten in several positions in my lifetime: sitting, walking, in a car (furiously pounding Sonic tater tots as dinner before a meeting), even eating nachos and Hot Tamale candies while rollerskating, but never while lying down on my belly, face to the ground. Perhaps he was “playing possum” to hide from a predator, but I hardly think that precious boy proves an imposing predator.

Only he knows for sure.

Elgin - Flowers 047Join us for Part II, as we learn more about this hideous-looking feathered beast.


24 thoughts on “Black Hawk Down, Part I

  1. My dog does that sometimes when he’s eating, but it’s usually while laying at my feet. I have no explanation for the ostrich. I did want to let you know I still have your mystery photo in the cue for later this week — had to move The Box to a different day, which I’ll explain later. But it had something to do with an ostrich… 😉


    1. That sounds like a science experiment. Maybe that’s how they do it at Golden Corral, to get the whole “trough” experience. Plus, no shameful calorie-burning by going back and forth to get clean plates.


      1. Actually no. That is hard to find around here. One of the joints I worked when I got back from New Mex sold it, grilled, rare. The owner passed and no more joint, no more big bird on the barbie. It actually does look and taste like steak. If you get a chance…


  2. Was it Hasselhoff that ate that cheeseburger lying down? Don’t Hassel the Hoff mr Ostrich, or I guess impersonate is a better word in this case.


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