Seven Minus Six Awards Post

My new WordPress buddy, Mark, at has graciously nominated me for The Seven Awards. He is a Yankee, living in a frosty, shivery land right now, but I like him anyway. Congrats to him as a recipient of The Seven Awards. But Seven Awards is like the Chili’s Appetizer Platter; that’s too much to digest in one sitting.

I perused the Sampler Platter, and chose the one consistent with my blog theme of Cheer, because on my blog, Christmas is every day! So I’ll just slip this onion ring off the plate and accept it in all its red and gold glory. Plus, I found a nice, crisp image to go with it. Don’t low-res pics on WordPress drive you NUTS?? They make my eyes squirm.


I do hope that constantly sharing black and white images of the past brings joy and hope and love, but surely not peace, as there will never be World Peace, so don’t even bother putting that on your wish list. Have you seen Russia lately? See, this is why I don’t do Awards Posts; I get off track.

This is the last award I will ever need. Just now, the lyrics portion of my brain has overridden my thought process and can only play Don Henley singing, “This is the last worth evening that you’ll ever spend…” Right, Don. That’s an empty promise if I ever heard one. Oh, that reminds me of The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road.” More sevens!

Think of things that come in sevens:

  • Days of the week
  • Deadly sins
  • Wonders of the world

Can you think of more? Where was I again? Oh, yes, the Cracking Chrispmouse Bloggywog Award. I like to say that repeatedly because it’s crazy. Not whackjob crazy like anything at Cirque de Soleil, but still. Oh, that reminds me of funny names! So I’ll nominate:

because I like to mock, and we have all have something silly about ourselves. I had a funny name growing up, so I can enjoy funny names. Okay, one down. Usually, I am quite the rule-abider, but these things are so complicated, and it’s Tuesday, and school was delayed two hours due to icicles, icicles everywhere. You think anyone is going to brave that to head to the polls and vote today? Not.

Okay, seven things about me: Oh, get this, you guys. I bought a stack of used Saveur magazines last week because I like pretty pictures of food and foreign people holding baskets of colorful produce (that is not racist) and so I noticed that the prior keeper of the magazines dogeared some recipes. Fine, perfectly normal. Except he/she dogeared at the bottom. At the bottom. What? Was she dropped on her head? Who does that? So that’s one fact about me: I don’t like people who dogear at the bottom because they weren’t raised right.

Dangit! I had to get up because the stupid wandering fat orange neighborhood cat who should not be free to roam about (because subdivisions have rules, and owners should control their beasts) has once again come to tease my dogs by walking the fenceline, which makes them howl, and there is little I like less than a vocal dog, except perhaps owners who DO NOT CONTROL THEM. So I’m going to go discipline my dogs and pray that a sharp icicle lances through the blubbery torso of said feline, at which point I may write a very joyful post about that.

22 thoughts on “Seven Minus Six Awards Post

  1. Congrats Kerby. You are certainly a worthy recipient. Oh and 7 IS everywhere. 7 faces of Dr. Lao; 7 layer dip; the feast of the 7 fishes and 7 up. Can’t forget the un cola. Happy Fat Tuesday. And remember: Heavy is the head that wears the crown. So congrats, again, and watch out for falling icicles.


    1. You are a veritable Wikipedia today. So many sevens! Now I want some un-cola and for Geoffrey Holder to laugh while I drink it. Is it Mardi Gras already?


      1. I still don’t know how you imbed things like this, but probably bc you are clearly smarter and more cultured than I, whatwith your salami, Salome. There are no lyrics; that’s why I don’t know it. It’s rather erotic.


  2. oh what a lovely post this is, Kerbey. You ramble 🙂 Another reason I feel connected to you (besides the wine and ’80s songs, of course). Many congrats on your Seven Chipmunks Award.

    I am still holding on to the thought that my pina colada cake will bring about World Peace, but seems the warmer weather is not coming as it is only 10F here and you have too many icicles to send your kids to school on time.


      1. I would never chuck an award! Awards are very peaceable. If more folks got awards, we’d have a better shot at World Peace.


  3. And I like the southern woman who makes up her own rules. You own the chippy frizmouth mollyfrog whipadip award, Kerbey. Oh, you do spread joy and love and hope as you chase the orange cat out of your yard.


  4. I only dog ear at the bottom if I’ve dog eared that same page for the other side. That makes sense, right? Perhaps I should stop dog earing all together and/or just dog ear the whole book.


  5. Congratulations and merry Christmas! Speaking of 7’s, St. Peter asked Jesus if one had to forgive someone up to seven times. (Not.) I assume that your funny name helped you develop character.


      1. If you could bottle the energy from a hot craps table you could use it to light a city. You should try it. Very exciting way to gamble.


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