What Does The Owl Say?


The Barred Owl is also known as the Hoot Owl and the Eight Hooter and the Rain Owl and the Wood Owl and the Striped Owl. Oh, my goodness, I think that’s all the adjectives and nouns that exist. We saw this sign at the Nature & Science Center and cracked up at the mating call of the barred owls:


Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?  Is that a rhetorical question?


Actually, where I live, it should be, “Who cooks for y’all?” But owls probably don’t have a regional dialect.

12 thoughts on “What Does The Owl Say?

  1. I have no idea what an owl says. All I can say is when I hiked from Indy to Santa Barbara the only thing I was concerned about was “Where’s the beef”.


Observation and Interpretation:

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