This Is Not How You Contain A Virus

J Holder

This is how you destroy the country you pledged to protect.

Thousands coming every day. We do not have the manpower for this. No country’s government would allow this but ours, a failure in protecting American citizens.

He doesn’t care about the virus. He never did. Countries empty their prisons at our border, at his invitation. No vaccine required. Some of families. Some are criminals. Murderers, rapists, pedophiles, thieves. A state exhausted and taxed, using every bit of energy to do his job, while his border czar twiddles her thumbs. Terrorists delighted at the prospect.

The rate of theft has increased dramatically in September. Two Saturdays ago, 10 trucks were stolen in our small town. Strangers are showing up on porches and patios in the wee hours of the night. Rings have footage of countless folks, grabbing car door handles, stealing, destroying. Coincidence? And it happens every single night now. Every single night.

Sex trafficking, which had decreased considerably in the last four years, has skyrocketed. But the media ignores it. Who cares about the children being kidnapped and raped and sold into a sex trade when icecaps are melting?

It doesn’t end in Texas, . They travel up. If you open a border with no rules, with NO PLAN on how to help or tend to folks, nowhere to house them or feed them, desperate and angry, they will do whatever it takes to survive. You will be the prey. Where is the “infrastructure” for this? Many of them are drug lords. 8,000 lbs of cocaine & meth have been seized from illegals along the Rio Grande.

According to, CBP agents in the Rio Grande Valley reported a 300% year-to-year increase in fentanyl busts along the Texas border. In the first four months of 2020, DPS seized 10.6 pounds of fentanyl. Through April of 2021, Troopers confiscated 94.5 pounds, a nearly 794-percent increase year to year.

But it’s not just a Texas problem. Agents in California found 2.8 tons of methamphetamine and fentanyl with a street value of nearly $13 million. Officers in Memphis, TN found 2.85 kilos of fentanyl hidden in wooden boxes, enough to potentially kill hundreds of thousands of people.

We had a president who protected us from invasion, and now we have a dictator who creates it. Evil is headed your way, no matter which state you live in, thanks to this regime. Evil that could have been prevented.

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  1. Hey Kerbs, I heard your back door is unlocked so I’ll be over this weekend and I’m moving into your home. Appreciate if you could provide me with the basics including medical care. Looks like you made yourself a nice home; I think I’ll like it there.

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