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Flipping through the pages of the August 2019 InSTYLE magazine, I recently stumbled across this Loreal ad of two stunning models, Duckie Thot and Luma Grothe. While one could argue that Luma Grothe is a fine funny name in its own right, there is no humor there, save supposing one said her last name as “Gross” with a lisp.

Rather, today we celebrate her Loreal lipstick sister in crime, Duckie Thot.

Duckie (understandably) is the nickname for 23-year-old Nyadak Thot. Born to a family of South Sudanese refugee, she was raised in Australia, where Aussies could not pronounce Nyadak. Thus, “Duckie” was born. We’ll get to that later.

Now, if you are of a particular age, or still say “far out,” then you might not be aware that THOT is an acronym for “that ho over there.” Yep, kids say it.


An IG THOT is an Instagram THOT…

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3 thoughts on “It’s Not What You Thot”

  1. HA! Interesting! My the world has changed and keeps changing! 😉
    I like that some of the “older” names are in these days…like Sophia, Claire, Charlotte, Olivia.
    And the acronyms on-line…ICKU (Ha! I just made that up to mean “I Can’t Keep Up”! 😀 )
    HUGS!!! just hugs…
    OH…but could stand for “Happy Uplifting Gentle Squeezes”! 😉 😛

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