Conlon Nancarrow: Trio Of Beasts

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Welcome back to the Blog of Funny Names! I can’t believe we’re headed into the holiday season already, but we’re keeping the Funny Names train chugging. Today’s delicious dish is Conlon Nancarrow, an expat American composer who said adios to the U.S. of A. and headed south to tickle the ivories. He is best remembered for his studies for player piano, and one of the first composers to use auto-playing musical instruments.

Conlon is an Irish family name, the gaelic spelling being Ó Connalláin. Per our friends at Wikipedia, the name may be derived from two Irish Gaelic words “Con” (meaning hound) and “Lón” (meaning lion), thereby implying a person who has the “characteristics of a lion born of a hound–strength and speed.” Have you ever even said that phrase? A lion born of a hound? And get this: Nancarrow is a Cornish surname meaning the “valley of the…

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5 thoughts on “Conlon Nancarrow: Trio Of Beasts

  1. I liked the weird name and the title of “100 Years” in Spanish and am curious why an Irish person is using this particular language in his musical record. Strange, Kerbey. I can imagine your saying your guess is as good as mine. . . 🙂

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