Double Hypólito: Bringing The Hype To The 2016 Rio Olympics

The Blog of Funny Names

photo: Jasmin Schneebeli-Wochner/Gymbox photo: Jasmin Schneebeli-Wochner/Gymbox

Welcome to the 2016 Rio Olympics edition of The Blog of Funny Names. Today we showcase siblings Diego and Daniele Hypólito, shown here, discussing the merits of having a hometown advantage this year in Brazil. Both are gymnasts, competing for the gold.

Do not confuse the two with other hippos like Hippolytus Guarinonius, noted physician and polymath. Isn’t that a fun word? It’s not actually a teacher of many maths; it’s more of a Renaissance man, one who has knowledge of broad subjects. And speaking of broad subjects…

Perhaps, like me, the accented Hypólito surname brings to mind a baby hippo.

http://deskbg.com/ http://deskbg.com/

While this is not altogether unpleasant, it is inaccurate. Neither sibling resembles a hippo in any way. But looks can be deceiving. While Daniele looks young, she will turn 32 (egads, man!) in September. Compare this to the fact that the average age of U.S. women’s gymnastics teams has…

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