Hanging Hung Yan-Yan

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Check this out: Martial artist Hung Yan-Yan hanging from some sort of bamboo scaffolding thing. His past tense verb name is present participling. When’s the last time you present-participled your name?


Today we present to you the hairless-headed Yan-Yan–actor, stuntman, martial artist, and action director. While you may not have heard of Yan-Yan the man, you have probably heard tell of Mr. Jet Li, for whom he stunt doubles. If it doesn’t ring a bell, Li played the villain in Lethal Weapon 4.  I’m wondering why Jet Li the wushu champion even needed a stunt double. Turns out he was considered “past his prime” (even though Yan-Yan was only two years his junior) and hurt his ankle, so there you go.

It also turns out that Chinese people like to take perfectly pronounceable H words like Hung and turn them into Xiong to confuse the rest of us. So Hung Yan-Yan (up there…

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