Dog Park, Part III–Final Installment

Check out this sexy, windblown poodle, all Cameron Diaz up in the dog park. Supermodel, work! Work it, girl!

I hope she steers clear of this crafty one.

Dog Park 025He’s clearly up to no good. I think he’s planning a skirmish. Germans, right? I hear you.

And this little white number–I thought it was a rodent or a mop rag before I figured out it was a dog. A small dog. Which is basically a cat.

Dog Park 032

This pied beast is not a cat. His mother was in fact a cow.

Dog Park 015

Nor is this a cat, although he’s as disinterested as one. He’s the Posh Spice of canines.

Dog Park 005

Or is he just consumed with regret?

Dog Park Charles 001

Why did I ever let Tawny go? Look how her beautiful coat shines in the winter sun. Don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone…

Tawny is moving on with her life.

Dog Park 012

This guy has a dirty tongue, but I like his attitude, his enthusiasm, his joie de vivre.

Dog Park Charles 009

These two are ready to rumble.

Dog Park 018Okay, one more dip in the pond before it’s time to go. Twist and shout!

Dog Park 023

6 thoughts on “Dog Park, Part III–Final Installment

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  1. We had a toy poodle for several years. He was far from cat like and my bitter half adored him. When he died we both cried. We liberated him from an abusive owner. Another great dog post.


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