Truck Stop Weary, Numero Dos

Tallapoosa, GA 1989 from Marc Wise's "Truck Stop"
Tallapoosa, GA 1989 from Marc Wise’s “Truck Stop”

I’m so excited.  And I just can’t hide it.  Seriously.  I convey this both in my posture and my expression, which exude a certain joie de vivre.  

Cottondale, Alabama 1994
Cottondale, Alabama 1994

All ye men in trucker caps, dig through your cab until you find the mix tape with “Eye of the Tiger” and “Don’t Stop Believing” and play the bejesus out of it until you get your heads on right.

Breezewood, Pennsylvania 1994
Breezewood, Pennsylvania 1994

These pics aren’t even from the same STATE, but it looks like the same place, the same hopeless truck stop, filled with men filled with defeat.  Seriously, brothers–y’all got to start listening to some Joel Osteen or something.  Here, I’ll get you started:

I’m the head and not the tail.

I’m more than a conqueror.

I’m the victor and not the victim.

And just in case you can’t find that mix tape, here’s Jerry Reed’s inspirational “East Bound and Down”: 



    • EOTT is ALWAYS listed at the top of motivational songs. You can’t fight what the world says is true. Plus, if I had put “Convoy,” half the world would not know that reference. But my husband loves it!


  1. They never covered “Truck Stop Etiquette” in the Truck Driving School brochure my guidance counselor gave me. Is that a bad sign when your guidance counselor feels that is your only hope?


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