Desi ‘Splainin’ How Many Wives He Had

Houston Chronicle Archives

So much is happening here. Desi Arnaz appears to be flashing the peace sign, which is entirely possible for the era, as it was Halloween night of 1968. Here he is strumming his guitar exuberantly for presidential nominee Richard Nixon, at the (get this) headquarters for “Good Latin-American Democrats for Nixon.” I guess that was a thing.  Enough Democratic Latinos despised Hubert Humphrey enough that they switched allegiance to support Nixon? Anyway, I love the look of the mariachi man with the sombrero. And while this Desi looks much more haggard and aged than the twin bed Lucy version we grew up with, I do want to point out that his age here is only 51, the same age that Jennifer Aniston is right now.

14 thoughts on “Desi ‘Splainin’ How Many Wives He Had”

  1. I distinctly remember TV-relayed catcalls of ‘Dump the Hump’ during that election run-up even though I was only a kid back in that Wayback, Kerbey, but they do not in my recollection carry a Good Latin-American accent.

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    1. Clearly. A number of factors affect it. I imagine if I had been a millionaire for decades and didn’t have to use cheap Walgreen’s moisturizers, I would look different.

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