Folksinging Club Of ’65

The students at Hammond High School in Alexandria, Virginia sure seemed to enjoy their folksinging. And they must have been on the cutting edge of the term, as “folk rock” wasn’t used in the U.S. music press until June of 1965 to describe The Byrds’ music.

Perhaps Bill was singing Peter, Paul, and Mary. But maybe he was hammering out “Mr. Tambourine Man,” much to their delight.

Some fellows gave private sessions.

And maybe, just maybe, they might reach the critical acclaim of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan.

10 thoughts on “Folksinging Club Of ’65”

  1. When I hear folksinging I first think of the Kingston Trio because my older brother had some of their 45’s. I think they were pioneers in the revival of folk singer in the 50’s. Their records did lead me to bunches of other folk singers.

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