Bees Love Holly Blooms

I’m not exaggerating when I say the bees have been swarming our holly bushes by the hundreds, maybe thousands. As soon as we open the front door, we can hear their deafening buzz, trying to avoid their erratic trails as they flit from blossom to blossom.

And while I do suffer from melissophobia, I know that this is good for the bees, and good for the earth. But I do count down the days till they shoo away because I HATE BEE STINGS. So I stand back and let them go at the holly bushes, ten feet wide and taller than I am.

10 thoughts on “Bees Love Holly Blooms”

  1. OK, I’ll admit it. I had to Google “melissophobia.” I thought “beephobia” was the proper term, stupid me. Are those the aggressive Africanized variety of honeybee? If so, be careful of those ferocious little bast…oh, you get the point. The basic honey bee is a pretty cool and mellow critter. You frightened me when you said, “So I stand back and let them go at the holly bushes, ten feet wide and taller than I am.” Then I realized you meant the bushes, not the bees. snorf.

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    1. Ha, yes, the bushes. Not Belushi in a bee suit. I know they’re supposed to be mellow, but these are coked up and flitting like crazy. They don’t stay still for a second.


  2. Bees are fascinating and are so critical for plants and our food supply. Though Iā€™d rather, like you, that they keep some distance from me šŸ˜Š

    I enjoyed your photos very much. I love Holly.

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