Gladys Tempts Fate With Sub-Par Tinsel Skills: Deanne Snaps

Westerner ’64

Gabriel and Maria were privy to the final moments before Deanne went ballistic on poor, inept Gladys, wrestling her to the ground and yelling, “It’s tinsel, Gladys, not a beaded curtain!”

And Gladys never did tinsel again.

8 thoughts on “Gladys Tempts Fate With Sub-Par Tinsel Skills: Deanne Snaps”

  1. I grew up in a family that was tinsel crazy. What’s worse it that the OCD side of the fam insisted that each strand be carefully placed individually, at times even adjusting so the hang down length off the branch was the same on both sides. I attribute much of my subsequent loathing of tinsel to this harrowing experience. At best I am a “clump thrower” who gets a handful of the dreadful stuff and just hurls it in the general direction of the tree.

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    1. Without a doubt, I feel that this should be the intro to your autobiography. If I read this on the back cover, I would be like, “I’m buying this. Now I want to know his thoughts on glitter. What kind of control freak has to make the hang down length the same? How did that level of control play into table displays and napkins?” “Life Before the K Streets” by Clump-Throwing Tom.


  2. Ha ha! I love the narrative you’ve created. There is no other way to interpret Deanne’s facial expression, is there? I cannot stand that frond type of tinsel. It is just so fiddly and messy to work with. I grew up with and so use the chunky tinsel “boas” and those are annoying enough.

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