Enjoying Outdoor Weather Together

Thanksgiving 1954
Aug 14, 1937 San Antonio, Texas

This poor boy got the sunken eyes of his mama, and both ladies’ shoes makes their feet look like hooves.

The lady at the tippy top gives me the heebeejeebs. Those bangs… But what a festive smattering of smocks!

This one here looks about a century old, whatwith the bunned hair and flouncy floor-length gowns. Check out this happy lass and her parasol.

6 thoughts on “Enjoying Outdoor Weather Together”

  1. Wonderful photos. Those poor ladies in the top photo did not have a chance. I don’t think it is so much the shoes as it is the stockings. Darn things were probably an inch think. Makes their legs look like trunks.

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  2. Indeed a smattering! Love the photos and your comments. Any one of those pictures could inspire an entire hour of conversation. Or at least a book chapter’s worth 😉

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