Cart Before The Horse

In the past couple of days, several of my friends have begun decorating their homes for the holidays. Two of them have confirmed Christmas trees in full regalia, and they’ve received mixed responses on social media. Some declare it’s too early; some say a month isn’t long enough to celebrate. The rule-abiding part of me agrees that convention should be abided by; Friday is the earliest time to fetch those attic boxes.

But then again, the Hallmark Channel has made me a sucker for Christmas movies, so the spirit has been in me for nearly a month. This year, they started showing them BEFORE Halloween, which was fine and dandy with me. Let’s face it; Thanksgiving movies are rare. Thanksgiving songs are rare. I love giving thanks, and I love borderline gluttony. But Christmas is MAGICAL.

I confess I’m itching to put up my Coca-Cola Christmas villages, to lay out the several ornament-themed Christmas kitchen mats that are so soft on my overworked feet, to hang jingle bells on my doors, and lights on the staircase. But we’re HOSTING Thanksgiving this year, so I have to keep it in check. I have to welcome guests into the world of browns and oranges, not red and greens. I may want to burst inside and launch into rounds of “Feliz Navidad,” but I’ll have to be the anti-Elf, restrained, focused on keeping the coffee cups full and not the yuletide gaiety. Not yet, Santa. Not yet.

But I tell you what’s going down that Black Friday morning–that tree goes up. That pre-lit 8-foot tree, my friends. And the magic can commence.

7 thoughts on “Cart Before The Horse

  1. Throw convention and decorating norms to the wind. Who says your table top pilgrims can’t hang out with the Christmas tree. I’m sure they celebrated too. Be daring with your mix of Thanksgiving with Christmas. Confuse everyone and have fun doing it. 😉

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  2. I personally don’t have an opinion of how or when someone else starts to decorate their house for the holidays. I choose to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate but that is because I find planning for Christmas stressful so I don’t want the pressure of thinking too much about my too long To Do list for Christmas during what is, for us anyway, usually a more chilled and relaxing holiday.

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  3. I think you ought to do what ever you feel is right. If it is Santa’s sleigh pulled by turkeys centerpiece so be it. As far as Christmas music goes I personally think Nat King Cole Christmas album is suitable year round.

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