So Many Ozzie Nelsons

LIFE 4/23/56
LIFE 4/23/56

Clearly none of these Ozzie Nelsons has a gluten allergy. That’s one thing we can all appreciate about the Cold War era. You’ll shove it in your face, and you’ll like it. And evidently Ricky did, since he ate a hundred. Harriet, ladylike, made ’em thin and dainty. And David’s were huge to help fuel his many chores.

Ah, now there’s the real Ozzie, flipping flapjacks. I don’t know about you, but I like both The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet AND the pancakes. In fact, I named my dog Jemima. It has a better ring to it than Mrs. Butterworth.


11 thoughts on “So Many Ozzie Nelsons

  1. It is funny how few people had gluten “allergies” back then. As a kid we used to watch the Nelsons regularly. Pancakes occasionally. I prefer making scratch pancakes with sour milk. They just seem fluffier.

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      1. Actually it is vinegar or lemon juice mixed with milk. About 1 Tbsp per cup. Similar but not the same as Buttermilk. Try it sometime when you make some pancakes.

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