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Axilla On Display

1953 Comet
1953 Comet

What are these keen teens up to? Is it dancing, diving, or snake-charming? Perhaps it’s proof that Odo-Ro-No works?


I guess the name is meant to imply there is no odor, but it looks more like “Odor? Oh, no!” Maybe that’s why it disappeared…

Some folks don’t like the aluminum in deodorant (thinking it may be linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease), but what’s the alternative? I was in line the other day, downwind from a woman who reeked of what is best described as wet, hot polecat. I fought to keep my lunch down. But hey, some folks dig it.


What do you think? Thumbs up to musky partner pits? I think I’ll pass. Especially when it’s 101 degrees here today.

9 thoughts on “Axilla On Display”

    1. Thank you! We haven’t had real rain since Memorial Day. Just a few minutes in June. The July forecast is 101-103 with zero chance of rain. It does smack you! It makes me think about the immigrants who are smuggled in to Texas each summer in the backs of hot U-Haul vans and how they must just feel like they are dying (and often do) in that oppressive heat.

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