4 thoughts on “Lazy Afternoon At The San Jacinto Battleground 1920

  1. Love your header picture. The blond girl on the far right looks like she could be related to my first wife. I am always half amazed at the number of folks that visit battlegrounds. I think part of the reason is reverence for what transpired on that spot. I just noticed the ladies in the foreground of your shot. Now those are some grand hats.

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  2. Like Benson, it was the proliferation of hats that caught my eye too. It’s funny after almost 100 years our doctors are always trying to get us to wear hats and yet they had it right 100 years ago when everyone wore a hat.

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    1. That’s funny bc my son had a terrible reaction to sunscreen this wee; his face is red, puffy, covered w/ bumps, and the doc yesterday said to skip sunscreen on the face altogether and just wear a hat!

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