Funny-Named Christmas Babies

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Merry Christmas, everyone! Today we do not spotlight only one funny-named person, but some of the poor souls who had to share their birthdays with the baby Jesus. One gift instead of two. I wonder if anyone born on Christmas enjoys it?

Well, we can’t ask Muhammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, because he died in 1948. Being born on that day probably wasn’t a problem for him in the city of Karachi, but now 12/25 is observed as a national holiday in Pakistan because it is HIS birthday. Way to be famous! P.S. How many Muhammed Alis are there? One is enough. Right, Cassius Clay?

Now one name NO ONE steals these days is Adolf. Yep, that name had a quick decline in the 1940s. But that was way before Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus, was born on Christmas day in 1876. He won a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1928 for…

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