Before The Rise Of Red Solo Cup

Univ of Tx 1976

It’s hard to believe this was nearly 40 years ago. Two score years ago. Red Solo Cups had only just come out and were not yet the popular beverage container you see on late night talk show beer pong tournaments. Mexican dresses, big sunglasses, and scalp-hugging hair were in. The drinking age was 18. And yet, in this bright color, it doesn’t look that long ago at all.

7 thoughts on “Before The Rise Of Red Solo Cup

  1. Ha! I’ve always been too poor to afford the red solo cups. I’d make do with the bottle (if beer) or a coffee mug (if wine or whiskey). Those solo cups are everywhere. I live in a university neighborhood and they are a food group here – all the convenience stores and supermarkets sell them by the boatload.

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  2. Forty years. My O My. I couldn’t help but notice the annoyed “older” ladies sitting in front. The rope must be the demarcation between the barely legal and the definitely legal.

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