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Life Goes For The Jugular September 11, 2015


Not only does this 1949 Life article on model Brynn Noring (aka Brynhild Andrea Johnson) dis her “simple outfit” as too pedestrian to help her would-be movie career, but offers a double dis to the diminutive, sphere-shaped fellow waddling in the background.

And who could argue the point? Heels, gloves, long skirt, necklace–it reeks of laziness. Like she threw it on just to go pick up skim milk at Wal-Mart.

And as to the patron of the Fat Men’s Shop, my mind immediately went to Oliver Hardy, pictured here with Stan Laurel.

And hey, you guys, did y’all know that Hardy lost quite a bit of weight at the end of his life? Yup. He went on a crash diet and died of a stroke the following year. Check out this last pic of the twosome.




Double Pork Me September 10, 2015

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…with smoked ham and bacon!


Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

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LIfe Aug 15, 1949

Life Aug 15, 1949

So what we got here is a nearly nekkid Indian gymnast, being supervised by the urban turbaned S.S. Dhanorkar. He’s performing a yoga move called “cane mallakhamb,” wherein the subject is lowered in a sling of malacca cane, preferably in front of another nearly nekkid squatting man. It sure puts downward dog into perspective. And mostly reminds me of this:



Heads Up September 6, 2015

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Brooklyn Dodgers game, 1951, ball hit by Roy Campanella

Brooklyn Dodgers game, 1949, ball hit by Roy Campanella


Pretty Sure That’s The Skipper From “Gilligan’s Island” September 4, 2015

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No, of course it’s not. It’s just a nobody in a Kodak ad.

Interesting tidbit: The Skipper’s real character name was Jonas Grumby. I never heard his Little Buddy call him Jonas.



I understand, Skipper. Tiki can be frightening.


Summer Of ’49 September 2, 2015

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"Weekend at the Lake" by Douglas Crockwell for US Brewer's Foundation

“Weekend at the Lake” by Douglas Crockwell for US Brewer’s Foundation


Be True To Your School September 1, 2015

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