9 thoughts on “Getting Along

  1. BBQ! Nom, Nom, Nom! Ha! here in Ottawa we have a very old cobblestone street in downtown called Sparks St. It is surrounded by tall office buildings but the street level is mostly food and coffee outlets and bars. The city puts on special events by closing about 2 miles of S[arks Street and putting booths on the street.(so you can walk down either sidewalk or down the middle of the street). One of the yearly events is a BBQ cook -off that is on the international circuit. We get a number of Tennessee competitors along with other southerners, Western Canadians (we have provinces that specialize in raising animals for food) and others. LOOOOVE the Tennessee BBQ ribs. Yum, Yum!

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  2. And yet the photos are taken in a place with an awful name for a good portion of our fellow Americans, I’d say, Kerbey, speaking of old wounds carrying over to current times and incidents to spark unrest.

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