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Wild Times In Library Service


No, this is not a sorority rushing rite. This is part of the initiation into the Library Service Club at Martin High. Just imagine what’s hiding in the card catalog.



8 thoughts on “Wild Times In Library Service”

  1. OK, interesting. Ingesting baby oil? Really? And raw oysters? The club must have had some budget! Real candy instead of fake candy? What do chicken eat that could also be fed to these crazy kids?

    But aside from all that snark, my biggest concern is the English teacher at this school. What kind of first sentence is that? Ugggh.

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    1. It’s very dangling particliply. I was wondering how gross baby oil would taste. I bet the janitors had a banner day after cleaning up vomit. There must have been something super cool happening in the library, or why would they all be willing to eat that mess?


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