When Dominique “Domi” Dominated

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Do you remember that amazing vault that Kerri Strug did at the 1996 Olympics? I remember it like it was yesterday, up late at night, riveted to the TV. The diminutive Dominique Moceanu had faltered in the last rotation of team optionals, falling on both vaults and forcing the chance of a USA gold medal upon Strug’s final vault. Injured and limping from her first attempt, the plucky Strug pushed forward to make Olympic history.

But Strug was just one of the amazing girls on the USA gymnastics team, called The Magnificent Seven, including double Dominiques: Dawes and Moceanu. The one on the above right is Dawes, and the littlest (and youngest) one on the left is today’s focus.

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Dominique “Domi” Helena Moceanu was born in Hollywood in September 1981 to Dumitru and Camelia Moceanu. Both had been gymnasts in their native Romania and pushed Dominique to excel in the sport, starting her in classes…

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