17 thoughts on “Where It’s Hip To B²”

  1. Doesn’t that first guy look like B.D. Wong? I don’t see a single pocket protector among them. What kind of nerds are they supposed to be? Oh your title is pretty cute too.


      1. Ooh ooh. You got me thinking, as you often do. So I checked on Google. The pocket protector was invented in 1943. That was when a patent was applied for. The patent was awarded in 1947. I had no idea it was that old.

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  2. the women were in conversation when the camera snapped, though the guys were posing nicely. I think I would like those guys very much–they look like they’d be fun to chat with.

    Math Club is alive and well and members seem to still have the same look. Funny how things change and they don’t.

    Another feature of your photo worth noting is the landscape wallpaper. Wow.


    1. Yes! I was looking at the wallpaper, too! The women’s hands seemed awkward, but perhaps they were conversing, as you say. That’s why the half-eyeliddedness in two people’s faces? That’s probably not a word. Honestly, I didn’t even know there was a math club in high school. Is there still??? I was in Spanish Club one year and recall nothing.


  3. This great photo pretty much validates my point that I did have to squint to try to figure out how fast that bus would have to go to get to Denver by 5 p.m. Tuesday if it left New York City at 1 a.m. Sunday and traveled 1,897 miles. Thanks, Kerbey, for helping to prove my theorem!

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