Peacetime Demands

KU-FAll45012The war was over. Johnny came marching home. This one did anyway.


Celebrate good times. Come on!

KU-Spring47020“Victory has been won.”


But here comes PTSD…




11 thoughts on “Peacetime Demands

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  1. I may not be the “expert” Willard Waller is, but he seems to be doing a whole lot of generalizing. I wonder how many Vets agreed with his analysis?


      1. I guess it depends on what they saw and heard and felt and if they bottle it up inside. But I guess you could never be the same once you see death.


  2. Thank you, Kerbey, for all sides.

    Willard Waller, I think, was trying to be sympathetic. Sweeping generalizations have always found their way into confounding problems such as this.


  3. I’ve been so unaffected by wars, folks going off to fight, etc. that it’s good to read these posts. Can’t imagine today’s young folk (or even me) being so patriotic and selfless. Though they weren’t all then either, I suppose. I like my insulated cocoon of a life so much that I don’t think too hard on the ugly stuff 😦


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