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10 thoughts on “Marriage”

  1. Well….That pretty much sums it up. And where the hell do you find your pictures? Which comes first? The concept or the pictures. I would venture a guess that you get the idea and then you use your amazing skills to track down the pictures you require. Am I right?


    1. I stumbled across the cute goat pic yesterday, just looking at an assortment of pics, and thought, Isn’t that a sweet portrait of marriage? But then life happened, and issues arose today, and I thought, I better go hunting for something more realistic.


      1. Well that was an adorable picture. That was an excellent posting. Even though I am a cynical serial ex husband I still can appreciate the sentiment. Thanks. Now; how about a collective AHHH…


  2. I watched a recent (with the last few years) comedy special with the comedian Sin Bad (yes he still exits) and he was talking about why after being divorced for a while he and his ex wife wound up getting back together. He said he already knew his ex wives level of crazy and just did not want to learn the ins and outs of some one else’s level of crazy. I loved and laughed at the commentary because its very much close to the truth. Love is not really a feeling, its a decision to stick with someone no matter what


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