Soup’s On, Chubbies


This Lane Bryant model probably isn’t much bigger than the pin-up cowgirl, underneath that tent of a coat.

I wonder how big “chubby” was when that Lane Bryant ad was printed?  Who would qualify?  Maybe Ethel Mertz?  Fred Mertz constantly made fun of Ethel’s weight, and she never looked big to me.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

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  1. My overweight grandmother used to get Lane Bryant fashion catalogs in the ’50s and ’60s. I was surprised to find out that Bryant is still in operation. Ethel Mertz never looked overweight to me, either. And Harriet Nelson used to chide hubby Ozzie for being overweight, but he didn’t look chubby to me at all.


    1. I don’t know, but now I’m thinking of all the sitcoms with schlubby fat guys and their hot wives, like the one with Jim Belushi. All I know is I’m leaving right now to go jog for an hour at the YMCA so I can look like Ethel Mertz!


  2. I would say “you have come a long way baby” and offer a cancer causing Virginia Slim, but the truth is none of us have a long way from these. Lucy and Ethel used to smoke like chimneys and Their figures were still in good proportions. Maybe they knew something we don’t but we will never know since we have shamed smokers from doing so in public, on screen, or pretty much anywhere at anytime. I am going go now watch Mike and Molly, I prefer it because it tells the world that us big people exist and everyone just needs to get over it.


    1. Amen. Pretty soon smokers won’t be able to smoke on their porches, I won’t be able to sip wine in my bathtub, and Yankees won’t be able to drink 64 oz Cokes.


  3. OMG, and remember the Mary Tyler Moore show? They always made references to Rhoda being “fat” — she was thin and gorgeous! Weren’t there any “fat” actresses in the 50s and 60s looking for work?


  4. This reminds me of jean day at J.C. Penney’s. Eventually my mother would have to take me to the “husky” section. It was a shot at the self-esteem, but I was also let down I didn’t get to play with any dogs in the store.


    1. I recall seeing husky tags. It’s probably better you didn’t see dogs since freak accidents run in your family. Also, your gravatar is rockabilly Gentile Jeff Goldblum with neither a trace of huskiness nor male pattern baldness. Yeah, and now I have the Simon song in my head!


      1. Well, thank you for the kind words. I’ve heard the Jeff Goldblum comparison before, believe it or not. I always go into my Apple commercial where he’s “invited to the party.” It’s a terrible impression and amusing all at the same time.

        I will say that I’m quite soft around the middle. It’s a testament to my love affair with the cherry strudel bites and Boston cream doughnuts.


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