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Ten Songs With Which I Take Issue (And BTW, What On Earth Is A Verve Pipe?) February 21, 2013

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Be warned: This is way random.


1) “Three Marlenas” by The Wallflowers. Is Marlena schizophrenic?  Why are there one two three Marlenas?  He sings that she “always prayed to heaven lights,” but for YEARS I thought she always prayed to “headlights.”  And then I was like, are all your songs about headlights?  “We could drive it home…with one headlight.”

2) Is it me or does the devil’s fiddle solo in “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” sound cooler than Johnny’s?  I realize Johnny told “the son of a gun” that he’s the best there’s ever been, but maybe he’s not.

3) When I first heard “Somebody’s Knockin’,” I thought a man was singing.  It’s not, although Terri Gibbs is an androgynous name, so it was unclear. And how does she know the devil has “blue eyes and blue jeans”?  She’s blind, so I guess she could feel the denim, but how would she know about his eyes?  It’s an honest question. Props for playing the piano, though.

4) “There’s a girl that’s been on my mind all the time. Sussudio.” Really? A girl with a nonsense name has been on your mind? And she doesn’t have a nickname yet? Maybe it was a case of an illiterate mama who meant to write “Studio”–kind of like how Oprah’s mother meant to write “Orpah.” Although Studio is pretty stupid as well.

5)  Ratt’s “Round and Round.” Pearcy specifically says, “What comes around goes around; I’ll tell you why.” But then he never does.

6) Toto’s “99.” I can’t take it no more. I’ve read that the song was inspired by George Lucas’s film “THX1138,” but who saw that?  Oh, no one.

7) Rod Stewart, just how old was Maggie May for the morning sun to show her age? Mrs. Robinson’s age? Does she have crow’s feet? Yuck. Cougars of the days of yore.

8) “Punk Rock Girl” by The Dead Milkmen. The song states they hear a Beach Boys song, but then cite “California Dreamin'” was playing, which was actually by The Mamas & The Papas.

9) “Bring on the Dancing Horses” by Echo and the Bunnymen. Every word of it.

10) Pearl Jam’s “Daughter.” I thought it was about a dad who neglected his daughter, but apparently it’s about a learning disability. How are we supposed to pick up on that?  “Don’t call me daughter, not fit to, the picture kept will remind me” is kind of like Engrish. It doesn’t make sense grammatically.


8 Responses to “Ten Songs With Which I Take Issue (And BTW, What On Earth Is A Verve Pipe?)”

  1. tgeorges1123 Says:

    Thanks for getting Three Marlenas stuck in my head. I thought if I read all the way through something else would, but no. It’s still there. One, two, three…DANGIT. 😉


  2. Midnight Pizza Productions Says:

    great..Thanks now you made me look up “Punk Rock Girl” by The Dead Milkmen on youtube. That’s 3 brain cells I need back terribly.


  3. I love this site. Or blog. Or whatever it is.

    Liked by 1 person

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