Pot Calling Kettle

Don’t get all bent out of shape, Harold. All we’re asking is that you tone down your clothing choices. The students are getting rattled. 

1978 UT faculty discuss Chautuagua Program

1978 UT faculty discuss Chautuagua Program

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7 thoughts on “Pot Calling Kettle

  1. Whoa. Her patch work quilt outfit make him look like a Minister. Great new look by the way. Do the birds help you in your flights of fancy? The guy’s profile is rather reminiscent of Herman from Herman’s Hermits.


    • I thought Herman was blond? Is that his profile? This dude looks British to me. Yes, I think these birds do help me in my flights of fancy.


  2. Raggedy Ann in her later years.


  3. need color!


  4. This one is gonna give me nightmares.


  5. Quilt guilt, Kerbey, followed by plaid fatigue.

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